April 2017 Goals

Happy April, friends! I am so pumped for spring! This month I have decided to share my monthly goals on my blog instead of hiding them away in the notes of my iPhone.

I love setting goals for myself and after seeing how encouraging you all were with my 5 year plan, it seemed like a great idea to share this as well.

Monthly goals are a great way for me to break down the bigger goals in my 5 year plan to ensure success. Here are my goals for April 2017 broken down into categories…


  1. Bring my mile time down to 10:30.
  2. Run a 5K race.
  3. Run 5 miles consecutively, either on the treadmill or outside.
  4. Find one new place to practice running outdoors.

Blog & Novel

  1. Make a new printable for the Freebie page.
  2. Establish 2 more character profiles for my novel.


  1. Finish officially declaring my double major. April 25th 2017
  2. Take the foreign language placement test. April 19th 2017


  1. Finish 2 books in the bible.
  2. Serve at least three times at church. April 15th, 2017

I will come back as the month goes on and bold my goals as I meet them as well as write the date I accomplished it on. I would love for you all to keep up with me and also share your April goals with me. I know you can accomplish everything you would like to, and then some! Please comment with links to your goals or direct message them to me on Instagram or Twitter! I’m thrilled to see what you all have planned for the month. Please also feel free to find me on Pinterest and follow me on Snapchat @christianoncamp.

I pray that your is successful and productive in every way possible. Remember that you are made in His image and you are capable of much more than you ever imagined! I can’t wait to see all that we accomplish.

Sending blessings your way,

12 comments on “April 2017 Goals

  1. I love that you have written your goals down,especially for us All 🙂 to see.Makes some of us re-establish our goals.Thanks.I love your determination.

    For me the month of April is for focusing on my Faith.You know when there is that thing that comes to make you waver in your determination.I’m thinking of the Scripture which says :

    Without faith it is impossible to please God :for He that comes to God must believe that He exists, and is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him

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