Walking By Faith, Not By Sight

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Paul’s letter in second Corinthians speaks of reconciliation and living in harmony with others. He says that believers who are walking by faith and not by sight are, in summary, pleasing to God. Through walking by faith, we trust God even when we cannot see what He is doing.

You may be confused by what God is taking you through in your life. I have found myself more times than I can count thinking “Why, God?”. But every single time, God brought me through it and made me stronger because of it. I finally put my doubts away and finally learned to say “God, I may not see what you are doing now, but I trust that you know exactly what you are doing”. Not only did that give me tranquility in times of fear, but it showed God that I can put my full trust in Him.

God knows we are human- He did make us after all! He knows that letting go is hard for us. He knows we struggle to hand over control. He also sees all our tears and hears all of our thoughts, so he knows how hurt you are in these times. Trust that he sees all, has your best interest in mind and is looking out for you in all situations.

As you pray, God is putting the plan He has for you into action. Two February’s ago I went through a lot of big changes with my family, living situation and I had lost my dog, Ice, who some of you may have seen on my Instagram or Snapchat. I remember crying and asking God why. I was discouraged to say the least. Not to mention, I had just started this blog focused around Him and was having a hard time connecting and writing heartfelt content. The more I hurt, the further I pushed myself away from God.

But one day, I came around. I read my Jesus Calling devotional and for the first time in weeks I really prayed deeply and spoke with the Lord about what was going on. Of course, he already knew, but me opening up to Him helped me make the realization I needed. I knew then that when I felt so alone, He had been waiting for me. When I gave over my doubts to God and told Him “I’m ready for you to help me, Lord” he helped me get back on my feet. When I left my worldly worries at my feet and expressed my gratefulness to God for all the blessings I had overlooked, I was able to find my joy again. Now I am able to recall this situation when I feel alone in my struggles and hand it all over to Him.

If you’re in a place right now where you are struggling and wondering why God brought you there, please know that God is more than happy to take those worries from you at any time. Also know that He has a plan for you and what you are going through now has a purpose, even though it may be hard to see now.

Thank you for visiting me here at Christian on Campus. I hope you were uplifted by this verse and that you will think of it when you catch yourself “walking by sight”. Please also feel free to contact me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or on snapchat @christianoncamp where we can chat more. Thank you for taking time from your day to read this post and stop back soon!


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