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Established in February 2016, this blog serves as a space where Christian men and women can encourage each other in their walk with Jesus. Christian On Campus is a community where we (as Christians) can come together to grow through one another, united by our love for God. Here, we are not ashamed of the gospel and we continually seek to learn more about our Savior daily. The focus of Christian On Campus is to cultivate and enliven this ever-growing faith we share.

Now, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Danielle and I am the proud author and creator of this blog. I am an undergraduate college student from Florida pursuing my bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Behavioral Healthcare. I am twenty years old and I am currently concurring my senior year of University. In August 2018 I will be graduating- hooray!

I have two brothers; one being twenty-four and the other aged ten years old, making me the middle child and only girl. I was raised catholic but now I simply call myself a Christian. I enjoy bible journaling, reading and exploring Pinterest and YouTube. This is, of course, when I am not at school, church or spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, Sam. One day, I hope to attend graduate school to earn my Masters in Christian Family and Marriage Therapy. After earning my Masters in Counseling I hope to either open my own practice or work for my church providing professional counseling services. Eventually, I would even like to write and publish my own book! Every day I learn more about my own faith and beliefs and I have a long path to walk, but I hope I can share what I learn with you here.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with writing. After a lot of thinking and praying, I have decided to use this pastime in combination with my love for God. In this way, I can reach out to others and hopefully impact them by sharing the ups and downs of my life. In addition to that, I hope to give advice I have acquired from overcoming some hard times and achieving success. For those of us in our late teens and early twenties, it is nice to have someone to relate to. Here you can see how I made it through a particular situation you may be facing yourself.

As Christians, certain events throughout high school and college years can be challenging due to the influences of those around us, largely those who may have different beliefs from us. I hope this blog can help someone get through a situation they are struggling with and be encouraging to those pursuing a Christian lifestyle, as I am.

Now, I hope that you aren’t thinking this means that if you are not Christian you should leave! Absolutely not. While my content will most certainly have faith based aspects to it, it will also be a general sharing of experiences. My years of high school, undergraduate school , and just life in general will be highlighted in my writings.

My blog is not written to shape anyone into something they are not or to force one’s beliefs on another, but instead it is here to embolden you as you encounter life’s ups and downs and awaken you to the truths of the Bible.

Whatever you choose to believe is completely your prerogative and I respect that decision wholeheartedly. There is still a lot I have to learn, but I am seeking to understand more each and every day. I hope you will stick along so I can share what I know and come to know with you!

Your time here is appreciated and I encourage you to email me at if you have any questions or concerns. I will respond promptly with care. I would love to also connect with you through social media, so feel free to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or on snapchat @christianoncamp.

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